For many years, we’ve seen the powerful potential of organizations and communities. We know that when people focus on what they can achieve together, they can change the world.

 We believe:

  • When collectives of people organize to carry out specific work together, they become a living organism teeming with energy, intelligence, personality, and potential.
  • Each human organization has a unique culture, purpose, and destiny that it inherently functions to develop and contribute.
  • When an organization recognizes and develops its natural advantage, it moves with less resistance, with increased efficiency, energy, and productivity.
  • Moving without resistance and beyond survival mode, an organization can synergistically contribute its knowledge to other individuals and organizations.
  • By overcoming resistance, the collective gains relevance within a larger context, and thinks beyond its own products and its own self-interest to fulfill a higher purpose.
  • A high-performing collective can influence the capacity of other organizations it is in relationship with.
  • An organization can influence the vibrancy of the larger environment in which it operates: a system of subset systems.
  • At the systems level, individual organizations as well as the larger environment can increase potential, and everyone wins.