Inheritance Asset Mapping

Cash in on your inheritance and the future is yours

Heritage is a living, tangible advantage for every community or region. When you discover and invest your rightful inheritance, you can reap the rewards of a vibrant economy. But first you must recognize your successful evolutionary patterns and niche advantage through time.

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Branding, Uncooked


How to uncook your brand, and leverage your natural advantage.

Unlike conventional branding, which is based mostly on consumer perceptions, the real recipe for creating a satisfying and lasting brand isn’t about cooking something up to please customers.


In this new age of business, successful branding is about enjoying and sharing the true aliveness and character of your culture. In this class, you’ll learn how to discover and leverage the raw originality and nourishing patterns of your business. That’s where the energy is!

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The Culture-Brand Connection

Authentic Brand is a projection of who you are, not what others think you are.

Traditional branding is consumer-focused approach to selling products and services, but the world has evolved and so must our approach to branding. In this class you’ll learn what really fuels your brand. 

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Destination Marketing

There’s no place like you. How to capitalize on your local character.

In marketing your destination, there is one powerful factor that is often overlooked: your destination’s inherent character and completely unique identity. How do you find the elements that define complex destinations? Often communities in the West promote attributes like the weather, scenic landscape, and livelihoods. If many others also possess and promote these same attributes, then how can destinations stand apart from one another and attract visitors to their community?

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