Your Authentic Brand

Authentic Brand

We develop your authentic brand from the inside out, starting with the inward life of your organization. We then construct the public brand from that inward identity. We call this the “culture-brand connection.” It’s where reality matches perception. 

Often we start by tracking key events in the life of an organization using our Event Line tool. Once we’ve interpreted you’re major moves, we create a comprehensive database of brand assets. Then we select and use a set of brand traits that closely align with key audience mindsets.

The benefit of constructing an authentic brand from the inside is that our research and database readily provide a wealth of key words and touchstones that can be searched and built into creative copy and design.

We can discover facets of your deeper identity without the Event Line by defining your predominant roles and contributions in relationship to your “self” and other major “players” within the larger system. 

To create the authentic brand, we infuse these unique attributes into a public persona that distinguishes the collective from any other. 

Before we implement the brand creative, we test the brand with outside audiences, including customers, using focus groups and other standard methods.

With an authentic brand, we are working with the deeper essence of the collective, a reflection of its character. Ideally, the brand is integrated into all communications channels and communicated to all internal and external audiences.