Event Line

Event Line

One of the most common challenges for a collective is finding a way to see itself as a whole. But in order to grow confidence, make adjustments and unleash the innovation potential within an organization or community, it is necessary to get a snap shot of what the system looks like.  

The Event Line generates a critical history of the issues and occurrences in the life pathway of the client, mapping key events and defining their impact on current conditions.

We start with a defining key moment, then find more of them until we have a chain of interconnected events. We then interpret these events by classifying the type of event, the event context and the relevance of each event.

At this point, we can see the patterns of an organization or community and, and we can see the reasons: the cause and effect of what has happened to the system. That means we have answers. We can substantiate successes; we can remove blocks; we can tell a story; we can create an authentic public persona.

If you’d like a demonstration of the Event Line, let us know.

Patagonia Public Schools

The fifteen-year Patagonia Public Schools (PPS) Event Line, beginning in 1998, reveals a resilient, adaptive and courageous spirit that is at the essence of the Patagonia community. Having weathered an unexpected and unprecedented storm of destabilizing events, PPS stands today strong and proud with a clear vision for the future. What better lesson could be imparted to our children than this rise above adversity? With a clear sense of who they are—and what they’ve overcome—PPS is charting its path forward with confidence. 

Patagonia Public SchoolsHealthy Building Network 

Healthy Building Network (HBN) is a non-profit that is doing great work to get healthier materials in our buildings. We started our work with HBN using the Event Line to track their progress in their first 13 years of life. Using this tool, we could see and substantiate the successful adaptation of HBN as it is moving the building industry from forced regulation to voluntary disclosure. Watch this organization evolve and transform the building industry through transparency. 

Healthy Building Network


Innovation Frontier Southwest

The Innovation Frontier Southwest (IFS) Event Line traces the birth and evolution of today’s security and defense industry in a region that spans from Yuma, Arizona to Las Cruces, New Mexico. Using the Event Line, we not only crafted an Epic Story, but we also identified many facets of common identity that could be used to construct an Authentic Brand.

One thing was clear from the Event Line: This frontier region has many assets that have not yet been connected and leveraged. The historian Frederick Jackson Turner in his 1893 Turner (Frontier) Thesis—a transition event on our Event Line—explains the historical relevance of the IFS region: It is one of the last remaining frontiers and a place that is ripe for opportunity.

Innovation Frontier Southwest

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