Set Yourself On A Powerful Course.

Genis Factor® goes beyond “core values” to help build thriving organizations and successful brands.  Genis Factor®, uncovering more of the essential attributes that define your culture, unify it and set it apart from any other. 

Genis Factor® will help your collective reach its greatest potential by leveraging three important, but often overlooked attributes—your intellect, personality, and energy. You will discover your most attractive and authentic traits and tap into the ways in which your culture is consistently original and imaginative. Your relevance and value in the world will come into clear focus, guiding your path forward.

Genis Factor Method 

Genis Factor® will give your organization or community:

  • Greater confidence, cohesiveness and purpose
  • New assets, products and opportunities
  • Character-rich branding
  • Deeper audience connections and business relationships
  • Sustainable, informed decision-making
  • Enhanced self-knowledge and success

If you embrace your culture your organization or community will experience a more fulfilling, prosperous and authentic life.