Raising the Bar for Reporting on Building Product Contents

For those who design, construct and occupy buildings, there’s increasing interest to find out what is in our building products and to define what constitutes a “healthy” building product. The biggest challenge to the building industry has been that accurate, reliable and consistent information about the contents of building products and their links to health is hard to find. When information could be found, it is often incomplete, poorly standardized for comparison purposes, and often is not comprehensive in the health information presented. 

The HPD Collaborative is a not-for-profit, member organization that has developed a reliable, widespread, easy to use system for reporting the ingredients in building products along with information about their potential effects on human and environmental health. Called the Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Open Standard, this format offers a transparent and unbiased framework for manufacturers to provide cost effective reporting of material chemical content and associated health information.

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A Coherent Brand Reveals the Story of “A Greater Nogales”

If you do not tell your own story, you surrender your reputation into the hands of others. For years, U.S. – Mexico border controversies resulted in bad news stories about Nogales, Arizona.

To take charge of their own story in a coherent brand and reveal the story of a greater Nogales, Nogales Community Development approached WestWordVision to develop a suite of four websites: one for each of three economic development organizations serving Arizona’s Santa Cruz County, and a Nogales USA capstone site that would give structure to the overall narrative. Each of the organizations—Nogales Community Development, Nogales-Santa Cruz Port Authority and Nogales Economic Development Foundation—promotes economic and community vitality in the region in complementary ways. 

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New Jersey Aerospace Defense Industry Rewrites The Future

In 2014, when the U.S. Department of Defense signaled that defense budgets would be cut, the question for New Jersey’s Aerospace & Defense industry was how to retain critical capacity needed for Aerospace & Defense-related products and services despite U.S. government spending cuts. How could they bolster the Aerospace & Defense commercial marketplace and complimentary industry sectors in the state? The answer to this challenge would be in finding new ways for New Jersey Aerospace Defense industry to collaborate and rewrite the future.

The New Jersey Innovation Institute asked WestWordVision to create the online brand for their new program called NJ MarketShift. The program offers an intelligence system for the state’s Aerospace & Defense commercial clusters. At the core of the NJ MarketShift website is an application with powerful data visualization tools, access to a supplier network and streamlined, customized services to diversify the Aerospace & Defense supply network.

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