Brand Communications

Get in position with the future, and you’ll create pull.

When you anticipate what lies ahead and are ready to seize the future based on your inherent assets, you’ll set your collective on a transformative course. This is the Advantage Zone—a powerful edge gained through the maturity, wisdom and insight of your collective’s self-knowledge.

Genis Factor® aligns your internal culture and your most credible attributes with the direction the world is headed. We look at the future and find opportunities to inject your unique potential using powerful tools—life forming Event Line, asset inventory, strategic direction, authentic brand, epic storyline and agenda roll-out.

Genis Factor Method: Advantage Zone

By pairing untapped assets and contextual relevance with new opportunities, we help your organization or community catch the momentum of change and propel your collective to new horizons of influence and sustained success.

With Genis Factor®, you can reach your destination more quickly by tipping destiny in your favor.