Raising the Bar for Reporting on Building Product Contents

For those who design, construct and occupy buildings, there’s increasing interest to find out what is in our building products and to define what constitutes a “healthy” building product. The biggest challenge to the building industry has been that accurate, reliable and consistent information about the contents of building products and their links to health is hard to find. When information could be found, it is often incomplete, poorly standardized for comparison purposes, and often is not comprehensive in the health information presented. 

The HPD Collaborative is a not-for-profit, member organization that has developed a reliable, widespread, easy to use system for reporting the ingredients in building products along with information about their potential effects on human and environmental health. Called the Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Open Standard, this format offers a transparent and unbiased framework for manufacturers to provide cost effective reporting of material chemical content and associated health information.

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A Full Supply Chain Harmonizes Its Efforts to Mainstream Green Chemistry

Regulatory bans and restrictions as well as consumer, non-governmental organizations and retailer pressure to eliminate the use of specific, effective but harmful chemicals are reducing the palette of options available to chemical formulators. But the next generation supply of safer chemical materials is lagging behind demand.

Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) is addressing the inherent conflict between what consumers want and the available chemical options industry has to work with today. The member-based organization is ramping up its efforts to develop better chemical alternatives for consumer products. GC3 is changing the entire industrial chemical ecosystem to answer society’s need for healthier products.

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Nogales AZ Economic Development Organization’s Launch Four Websites

Four websites, produced by Nogales Community Development, are presenting a more complete, accurate portrait of Nogales, Arizona, an energetic community where people from all parts of the globe live and work. The suite of interconnected, mobile-friendly websites are live.

A coalition of organizations called ‘A Greater Nogales’ collaborated on the four sites that are designed to serve as a reciprocating engine of community information and identity. They are aiming to change people’s perception about Nogales by promoting facts, new perspectives, regional context and personal stories.

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Success Story With Social Impact

The building industry’s full range of impacts on human health and our environment is significant. Building product manufacturing, building site preparation, construction activity and building occupancy and operations account for about one-third of all raw materials used globally.Add to the impact on our natural resources the fact that in the U.S. our buildings are constructed almost entirely with synthetic materials which are processed or treated with toxic chemicals. Designers, builders and building owners rarely know what’s in the materials they use, often learning about health concerns only after a project is completed.

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Community Story Sparks Revitalization, Entrepreneurship

Ever since the arrival of two railroads in 1882 and construction of its first port of entry in 1903, Nogales has attracted exceptional entrepreneurs. Today, visionary civic leaders are building on this good fortune with new ways to encourage revitalization and entrepreneurship in the U.S.-Mexico border region.

Nogales is creating several new innovation centers in the heart of its downtown business district where people of all ages and walks of life will work together to close the gap between aspiration and accomplishment. The innovation centers will be state-of-the-art office, training and meeting space, a business incubator that strengthens the historic core of Nogales, Arizona.

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A Coherent Brand Reveals the Story of “A Greater Nogales”

If you do not tell your own story, you surrender your reputation into the hands of others. For years, U.S. – Mexico border controversies resulted in bad news stories about Nogales, Arizona.

To take charge of their own story in a coherent brand and reveal the story of a greater Nogales, Nogales Community Development approached WestWordVision to develop a suite of four websites: one for each of three economic development organizations serving Arizona’s Santa Cruz County, and a Nogales USA capstone site that would give structure to the overall narrative. Each of the organizations—Nogales Community Development, Nogales-Santa Cruz Port Authority and Nogales Economic Development Foundation—promotes economic and community vitality in the region in complementary ways. 

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New Jersey Aerospace Defense Industry Rewrites The Future

In 2014, when the U.S. Department of Defense signaled that defense budgets would be cut, the question for New Jersey’s Aerospace & Defense industry was how to retain critical capacity needed for Aerospace & Defense-related products and services despite U.S. government spending cuts. How could they bolster the Aerospace & Defense commercial marketplace and complimentary industry sectors in the state? The answer to this challenge would be in finding new ways for New Jersey Aerospace Defense industry to collaborate and rewrite the future.

The New Jersey Innovation Institute asked WestWordVision to create the online brand for their new program called NJ MarketShift. The program offers an intelligence system for the state’s Aerospace & Defense commercial clusters. At the core of the NJ MarketShift website is an application with powerful data visualization tools, access to a supplier network and streamlined, customized services to diversify the Aerospace & Defense supply network.

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The Genis Factor® Event Line Tool Launches As Database Narrative

WestWordVision has created a new relational database for the Event Line as part of the Genis Factor® methodology. The Event Line maps significant events that have shaped organizations and regions, turning historical narrative into science by showing the connectedness of events and their combined impact on the future. Now the Event Line is available to our clients in database format.

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