Raising the Bar for Reporting on Building Product Contents

For those who design, construct and occupy buildings, there’s increasing interest to find out what is in our building products and to define what constitutes a “healthy” building product. The biggest challenge to the building industry has been that accurate, reliable and consistent information about the contents of building products and their links to health is hard to find. When information could be found, it is often incomplete, poorly standardized for comparison purposes, and often is not comprehensive in the health information presented. 

The HPD Collaborative is a not-for-profit, member organization that has developed a reliable, widespread, easy to use system for reporting the ingredients in building products along with information about their potential effects on human and environmental health. Called the Health Product Declaration® (HPD) Open Standard, this format offers a transparent and unbiased framework for manufacturers to provide cost effective reporting of material chemical content and associated health information.

HPDC_Home1WestWordVision works with the organization to communicate its vital mission to key audiences. Most recently WWV visually upgraded HPDC’s website and PowerPoint presentation to reflect the organization’s position as the building industry’s leading standard for reporting building product content and associated health information.

The site’s navigational structure was revised to segment content for key audiences. A graphic brand guideline was created with an expanded color palette, fonts and graphic elements to expand upon the hexagon motif.

A re-design the home page integrated a photo slide show with key messages directed at both manufacturers who create the HPDs and designers and architects who use the HPDs. Interior pages were enhanced to include colorful headers, icons and call to action buttons.


The PowerPoint presentation has multiple templates and animations to accommodate various types of information. In the near future, the next phase of the website upgrade will place an emphasis becoming a member and accessing training videos. This upcoming iteration coincides with new product release. Stay tuned! 


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