We’ve Seen A Lot of Greatness

Our team has found and brought to life some of the unseen greatness within our clients and helped them connect to their clients in a rapidly changing world. Take a walk with us through the WestWordVision Hall of Fame:

Arizona-Mexico Commission

Arizona-Mexico Commission, the world’s leading collaborative cross-border organization, commemorated its 50th anniversary with a new suite of communications tools to increase awareness of its vital mission. WestWordVision sensed an important relationship between AMC’s formation during the 1959 cold-war climate and its contemporary role as a cross-border collaborator. Through in-depth personal interviews and archival exploration, WestWordVision discovered the link:

As AMC began so it remains a collaborative visionary in the service of regional prosperity irrespective of prevailing social and political rhetoric.

WestWordVision also studied how issues and initiatives move in and out of the organization to uncover the organization’s time-tested process and underlying guiding principle for cultivating sustainable cross-border prosperity: focus on common interests to turn “what we share into how we thrive.”

The Town of Marana

The Town of Marana knew that its heritage was worth celebrating and preserving. WestWordVision agreed and began mining the community’s collective knowledge. WestWordVision recognized six distinctive personality traits that have shaped the town and set it apart from surrounding communities. The traits were defined in a Marana character brochure and woven into the town’s municipal website and cultural narrative.

We also identified Marana’s superior geographic “porch position” on the corridor of commerce as an advantage that allows it to observe and adjust to what’s going on in and around Arizona’s two commercial markets, then embrace what works and discard what does not. A tourism product set leveraged this strategic position.

Transformative Regional Engagement Networks

Transformative Regional Engagement Networks needed a way to inform federal funders and policy makers, universities, municipalities and other organizations of its new approach to regional economic develop. WestWordVision analyzed the details of the process and created graphics and language to convey the relevance of the model to the country’s economic future: TRE Networks was offering the new American delivery system for driving the 21st century innovation economy that focuses on building national competitiveness through regional development of innovation businesses, creative hot spots, and dynamic clusters

Arizona Centennial Commission

Arizona Centennial Commission needed a theme and a narrative for a state-wide traveling exhibit that would link Arizona’s past with the present during a pivotal moment, its centennial celebration. WestWordVision’s theme, “Arizona, The Open Road,” reflected the state’s independent, inventive and free-spirited nature. We connected two Phoenix inventors and their inventions with the evolution of steam cycle to modern-day motorcycle, and with the transition from Territory into Arizona to State. Arizona’s endearing and surprising “firsts, mosts, and one-of-a-kinds” revealed the unique contributions of Arizona’s places, people and history. 

Pima Prevention Partnership

Pima Prevention Partnership was achieving peak enrollment and enjoying high student success rates at its Tucson charter school. WestWordVision was asked to define and describe how learning was achieved in order to develop an accurate campaign for the new Phoenix Collegiate High School. WestWordVision examined their methods then created a multi-faceted campaign that underscored the New School Way of Learning: meet students where they are then use their interests to teach them the classics and prepare them for college. As example, playing pool becomes a geometry lesson; twirling the basketball becomes an interplanetary science lesson; reading a cartoon book or novella becomes a literature lesson.