Start With The Creators

People are the beginning and end of our process. We examine the products and services along the way, but first, through the individuals involved, we discover what is truly unique about a community or organization. And in this way, we have found and brought to life many human capital assets that were already alive and well but overlooked.

People in our client communities, municipalities, corporations and organizations create many great products and services that sometimes make our lives much better and generates revenue for them. But by focusing on people first, we have seen the many other great things they do together. They have in their midst, the power to create exciting cultures, and really cool jobs. They can train people in a particular skill set and offer rewarding careers. Sometimes, they are philanthropists who give money to great causes. They develop leaders, influence the future, invent new methods and solve pressing world problems. They fuel innovation.

By focusing first on the people who create products and services, we can find truly original qualities and circumstances, and we can then create more authentic connections with audiences. We generate creator-focused self-awareness for our client companies and communities.