Our Story

A Panoramic View.

Have you ever met people from an organization or entered a community and decided whether or not to work with them based on their energy, personality or intellect? Have you considered what factors make a collective hang together or not?

Thirteen years ago, our team set out to answer this question: What makes one collective—community, region or organization—different from another, even when they share the same geography, livelihoods and traditions?

To find our answer we looked at the collective’s historical context, researching key events that had shaped the identity of the collective through time, and distilling the relevance of these events from various points of view.

We analyzed the “why” of the collective—identifying cause and effect patterns on their pathway and major evolutionary trends that brought them to where they are today.

We crossed over silos to secure a breadth of stakeholder perspectives, engaging the whole system in solving its greatest challenges.

And we looked at the future to anticipate what events might influence the path of tomorrow for the collective.

This multi-view perspective is the “panoramic intelligence” that we use today to help our clients solve tough challenges. It gives us the ability to place the work of a collective in its proper context, identify untapped assets accumulated through time and then find opportunities to use those assets now and in the future.

It is our aim to place this wealth—contextual relevance, untapped assets and opportunities—into the hands of human collectives as tools to create a more powerful future.